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sam™ is a culinary medicine app that creates customized medically tailored meal plans for people with chronic conditions, specifically for those who have multiple chronic conditions.

Don't have a chronic condition, don't worry! sam™ is your wellness partner regardless of your health status.

Be empowered to manage your health through delicious food choices and live your best life - every day.

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Recipes you’ll put on repeat

We created sam™ for people who like really tasty food. What you can expect from our recipes: ingredients you can find at your local grocery store, recipes that work for rushed weeknights, and endless variety. Imagine savory, tender, steak. Steak that pulls every member of your household to the dinner table as they walk in the door. That’s a sam™ recipe.

Plans created for
people with
chronic conditions

sam™ is culinary medicine—where the art of food preparation meets the science of medicine. Our recipes are designed to help you manage your chronic condition. Imagine chicken smothered with a citrus sauce that can aid in lowering blood pressure, and increase your happiness. Or sweet, ripe blueberries bursting with flavor - and high in antioxidants - on a breakfast parfait boosting your immune system. Or a juicy burger that has your teens requesting seconds and is carb controlled to help manage diabetes.


Meal Plans

Meal plans are customized for gender, age, height, weight, chronic health condition, food allergies, food preferences, and preparation time.

of Choice

You can further customize your meal plan by swapping recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts from a library of 800+ recipes suited to your needs. Whether you have chronic health condition or not, sam will partner with you to create the perfect meal plan.

Made Simple

Based on your customized meal plan, a grocery shopping list will be generated. You can shop for one day, one week, or even two weeks at a time, whichever fits your lifestyle.

Deliberately Designed Recipes

With over 800+ recipes, you won't run out of options. Choose your favorite breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts.

Medicine Videos

Each recipe has a culinary medicine video companion that shows you how to prepare the recipe and why each ingredient is important in the management of your health.

Condition Specific Education

Use our library of short, entertaining nutrition education videos to help you understand your health and condition.


Created by experts.

Registered and licensed dietitians, Shannon and Allison, saw a gap in treating patients with chronic health conditions. Their patients needed affordable, easily accessible tools to manage chronic health conditions—like diabetes and heart disease. Their patients wanted meal plans, recipes their families actually wanted to eat, and to know the why behind recommended foods. Michelle brought her culinarian expertise to the team by adding simplicity and flavor to the recipes and helping people build their cooking skills. And sam™ - the app is accessible anytime, providing recommended meal plans, and recipes that keep you coming back for more.

Dr. Shannon Galyean

Registered Dietitian

Dr. Allison Childress

Registered Dietitian

Dr. Michelle Alcorn

Culinary Expert

"When I was diagnosed with heart disease I was handed a long list of foods to eat and not to eat. Unhelpful and overwhelming, I tried and LOVED sam because the custom meal plans gave me a fighting chance. Thank you!"


"When my doctor said I needed a low sodium diet to lower my blood pressure, I was convinced that my future was plain oatmeal, grilled chicken breasts, and steamed broccoli. The hardest part of this app is trying to choose my favorite recipes - skillets, salads, casseroles, and desserts. No plain chicken breasts in sight."


"My doctor has told me for years that changing what I eat would help with my diabetes. But every time I try a diet, I can't get my family to stick with it. Or the recipes are too complicated for our weeknights. This app is packed with recipes that keep me on track—and my kids will actually eat them."


With sam™, you’re never alone on your health journey.

Meet your partner in wellness.

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